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Please feel free to use this form as a buyer or as a seller of property. It has been designed to help you look closely for problems or potential problems that could be hidden. Going through this form slowly and carefully could save you thousands of dollars and months of grief. Want just a print version of this to print up and take with you click here istockhomes.com DIY_Home_Inspection_Report_Online Print version

Name of Owner:
Address of the home:
City :
Province or State:
Postal code or zip code:
Owners contact number:
Owners contact email:
Business name of person inspecting the building:
Name of person inspecting the building:
Business Lic# of inspector:
Inspector Lic: #
Jurisdiction of Inspector:
Inspectors contact Phone:
Inspectors contact email:


Date Year

Weather conditions at the time of inspection:


The Report
Is there a package of paperwork including The original drawings of the house or structure along with all inspection reports?
Are their original receipts and owners manuals for all of the appliances in the home?
The Roof
What is the age of the roof?
What is the roofing material?
Is there any curling, or any cupping on the roofing?
Does the roof appear to be worn showing it's age or in need of being replaced?
Are there broken, damaged or missing shingles?
Are there more than two layers of roofing?
Is there any mold, rot or decay on the roof?
Are there cracked/broken/missing shingles?

Are there any obvious patches on the roof?
Is there any alligatoring, blistering or wrinkling?
Are there any silt deposits indicating improper drainage?
Is there adequate flashing around all roof penetrations?
Is there evidence of excess roofing cement/tar/caulk?
Do the ridge and fascia board lines appear straight and level?
What is the greatest angle of pitch on the roof ?
Soffits and fascia: are they in good condition wit no decay, wood rot or stains?
Exterior venting for eave areas: Are the vents clean, clear and not painted over?
Gutters: are gutters and downpipes in good condition? without any decay or any rust, joints sealed, attached securely to structure, not bending or sagging, any sections of gutter or downspout missing, gutters clean, and no mud deposits?
Are the chimneys straight, properly flashed, with no evidence of damaged bricks or any cracked joints, mortar/cement and cap in good condition? Do the sides of house appear straight, not bowed or sagging?
Do window and door frames appear square?
Do all windows and doors open and close properly?
Do all windows and doors lock properly?
Does the foundation appear in good condition - appears straight, plumb, with no significant cracking?
Is there adequate clearance between ground and wood siding materials with no wood-to-earth contact?
Is the siding in good condition with out any cracking, curling, loose siding, rot or decay?
Are masonry veneers in good condition with-out any cracks in joints, any broken pieces, spalling or flaking components?
Is the stucco in good condition with little or no cracking or staining?
Is your vinyl or aluminum siding in good condition, free from any dents, damage, bowing or loose siding?
Are there any vines growing or not on the surface of the structure?
Is there any flaking or blistering paint on any of the exterior surfaces of the structure?
Are there any stains on any of the exterior surfaces of the structure?
What material are the window frames made of ?
What type of glazing is installed in the windows of the structure?
Are the windows in good condition, not scratched, not broken, no moisture between panes of glass and have no paint overspray?
Does the structure come with window screens installed on the windows? if so are they all in place and in good condition?
If applicable are the muntin and mullion glazing compound in good condition?
If applicable are storm shudders in good working condition?
Does the structure come with storm windows? if so are they all in place and in good condition?
Are there drip caps installed over all windows and doors?
The Attic
In the attic are there any stains on underside of roofing, especially around roof penetrations?
In the attic is there any evidence of decay or damage to structure?
Is there sufficient insulation and is it properly installed with moisture barrier installed closest to the heated area?
Is there adequate ventilation with clear paths into attic for air entering through soffit vents?
Is all mechanical ventilation operating properly?
Do any plumbing, exhaust or appliance vents terminate in attic?
Are there any open electrical splices in the attic?
Are all of the ceilings in good condition, free of cracking, sagging, missing texture, staining or other faults?
Do floors, walls and ceilings appear straight, plumb and level in all of the rooms?
Are all of the walls in good condition, free of any cracking, physical damage, peeling paint, blistering, or vandalism?
Is all of the flooring in good condition, no runs in carpet, cracked or broken tiles, no missing grout, or squeaking underfoot?
Do the interior doors operate easily and latch properly with no broken hardware?
Is all the wood trim installed properly and in good condition?
Do all lights and switches operate properly with no broken bulbs?
Is there a working heat source in each in each habitable room?
Is the fireplace in good working order, no cracking, damaged masonry, smoke stains, and a working flue?
Are the kitchen cabinets in good condition doors and drawers operating properly?
Does the kitchen exhaust fan work and is it vented to the exterior of the building?
Does the dishwasher drain properly, no leaks, baskets, do the door springs operate properly?
Are there any leaks in pipes under sinks?
Is the floor in cabinet under sink solid, with no stains or decay?
Is the water flow in sink adequate?
Is there any excessive rust or deterioration on garbage disposal or waste pipes?
Do all built-in appliances operate properly?
Is a stove included in the purchase? If so does it operate properly?
Is a refrigerator included in the purchase? If so does it operate properly?
Do all bathrooms have working exhaust fans that exhaust to the outside of the structure?
Do all water fixtures have an adequate flow of water?
Do the sink, tub and shower drain properly?
Is the plumbing and cabinet floor under sink in good condition?
If sink is metal, it shows no signs of rust and overflow drain doesn't leak?
Are all toilets operating properly, securely fixed to the floor with no stains around the base?
Is the caulking in good condition inside and outside of the tub and shower area (s)?
Are the tub or shower tiles secure, and are the wall surfaces solid?
Are there any stains or evidence of past leaking around base of bath or shower?
basement /mechanical room
Is there any evidence of moisture or water in the basement or mechanical room?
Is there any evidence of moisture damage?
Are there any stains, cracks, flaking, or efflorescence on the exposed foundation?
Is the crawl space adequately vented to the exterior?
Is there insulation on exposed water supply, waste and vent pipes?
Is there insulation between crawl space and heated areas, installed with vapor barrier towards heated area?
Is there any evidence of damage from insects or rodents?
Have you taken the time to taste the water and make sure it is acceptable to you as drinking water straight out of the tap?
Has the water been tested and is the water test acceptable?
Does all plumbing appear to be in good working order, with good water flow, good drainage, no leaking pipes?
Do all electrical services appear to be in good working order with no knob and tube wiring, open splices or overloaded panel?
Does your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning appear to be in good working order?
Property and Land
Are the yard, landscaping, trees and walkways in good condition?
Are all fences, sheds, decks, retaining walls, detached garages in good condition, with no evidence of termite damage or rotted?
Are driveways, sidewalks, patios, entrance landings in good condition, and pitched away from structure?
Are all of the railings on stairs and decks are adequate and secure?
Is there evidence of standing water or flooding on the property?
Are there leaks from septic tank or leech field?
Are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed and tested?
Do you measure using square foot or square meter?
What is the total area of finished floor space in the home?
What is the total area all unfinished floor space in the home?
What is the total area all secured garage floor space in the home?
What is the total area detached garages, barns, sheds and out buildings
What currency are you using?
What is the asking price for the holding? **Please do not include commas or decimals in the price


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