The Shark by Driftwood Designs

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Sam and Brad Camp

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Brad Camp

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250 816-8577

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British Columbia CA

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          The Driftwood Shark. 
          Created by Brad and Sam Camp.
          Story by Sam Camp.
          Choreographed by Brad Camp.

My Father came to me one 2015 Summer Afternoon and told me about an idea he had, 
after watching an inspiring video of a Famous Preacher, Billy Graham building a Cross from 
Driftwood. He wanted to make something out of Driftwood inspired by Billy Graham and so he 
came to me with an idea, he wanted to assemble a puzzle from Driftwood. He was also inspired 
by the ocean life, local to Nanaimo British Columbia. So his idea for a puzzle was an 
Aquatic Mammal, an Orca/Killer Whale. So we assembled a Killer Whale using pieces of 
Driftwood that we found all over Departure Bay Beach. Choreographing it piece by piece, it
took the shape of a Great White Shark instead. Regardless, the art looked perfect and it was
magnificent. The next step of the plan was to hang it on a Vertical Surface... Game Over, man
... But it wasn't Game Over because despite the weight of the Driftwood Shark we still managed
to hang it on our Compound Wall. Job Well Done.

Fast Forward a year and we're in 2016 and we've decided to pay a visit to Nanaimo City Council
and meet the Culture and Heritage Coordinator of Nanaimo's Art and Culture Department, 
Chris Barfoot. We sat down and Mr. Barfoot explained the Nanaimo City Art Program. Mr. 
Barfoot admired our Driftwood Sculpture and reminded us to check the Nanaimo News Bulletin 
for an Advertisement that addressed the Official Art Program.

Our Primary Objective is to sell the shark to a Fast and Local Buyer and the entire City of 
Nanaimo came to mind. When my Father came up with this idea he originally set the price to
$30,000.00 and since he came to me alone and nobody else, we decided to divide the earnings
50/50. After mounting it on our Compound Wall we decided to raise the price to $100,000
instead, but after jumping to that conclusion my Father decided he couldn't have any use for
$50,000 because he believed that other people from Foreign Lands needed it to survive. He
decided that his half of the sale should grant Fresh Drinking Water to people in Africa, South
/Lattin America and Southeast Asia. But what Charity can dig wells in those Countries...?
Why Charity Water can, of corse. Their a Non-profit Organization that hydrates those Core-
responding Countries. Charity Water states that $20.00 can plant a well in one African Village
... So if my math is correct $50,000.00 can give 2500 fresh drinking water wells in 
African Villages/Communities in Lattin America/Southeast Asian Cities that are currently in 
Extreme Poverty. But in my opinion, 2500 wells just isn't enough... So let's double the 
Shark's current price to $200,000.00 so we can grant 5000 wells to those Desperate Countries.

Our Secondary Objective is to apply for the Art Program in hopes of being selected by City
Council. The City of Nanaimo offers a Reward to the Artists they select and will assist the 
Artist in helping find a buyer for their art or meet their price by the time the art's one 
year term as Public Art expires. We are still willing to give 50% of the proceeds to charity 
with the exception of that Granted Reward.

I hope we can achieve one of our goals by the end of September and I hope our art is cherished
by The City of Nanaimo. For more information about the Local Art Program visit
to learn more. Check out our shark at 

The Shark by Driftwood Designs
The Shark by Driftwood Designs
The Shark by Driftwood Designs
The Shark by Driftwood Designs


200 000.00
For sale


USD United States Dollars

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