Benefits Explained

*No Contracts to sign

Don’t you need a contract to sell your house? The answer is NO! 

What a contract does is lock you the owner into a sales agreement and then gives the agent a right to a percentage of the sale price of your listing. This can be a lot of money that doesn’t have to be put out when you are the person who had to put it in along with all of the interest. Secondly a contract does not give you any guarantee in return. No guarantee the the listing will be sold in a certain amount of time or for a certain price. 

*Go Green Marketing and Advertising   

As an Owner of Istockhomes and a nature lover I really don’t see the point of cutting down trees to make fliers or news paper adds to market a holding when most people who are looking for a new home start their search by going to a search engine online. 


*World Wide Exposure 

One flyer goes to one door, one newspaper goes to one door. Not so with the internet. On the internet by filling out one little form your reach is world wide, and if the form is set up properly it will be viewable by search engines, and will be easy to navigate to with human eyes as well. Our focus is to make your online listing as attractive as possible so that even potential buyers from overseas will get enough of an idea of what your holding is to be able to make an offer with-out ever being on site. 


*Convenient and Efficient Service 

We are here to help achieve this by offering a place for video, large pictures, a good description, and some contact links all built into an online form. No need to have a sales person come to your door. No need to phone anyone. Just fill out a form and wait for someone to contact you with an offer to purchase. 


*Advanced Long Tail Search Engine Optimization

To most people the line above means little or nothing. Yet to those who know the above line is very important. Here is how the above line works. When you fill out a form and pay for the listing we do NOT assign you a listing number. Instead some of the information that you give us becomes the title of your listing which can be searched by google and other search engines. For instance if you are selling a 3 bedroom rancher in Nanaimo: someone who is searching for a three bedroom rancher in Nanaimo will be able to come across your listing with-out even knowing about Istockhomes


*Placement on a Map 

Yes, included with your listing, we will place a marker showing the location of your holding on our map.


*Includes Pictures and or a Video

Currently on our forms you are able to add some pictures and a link to a video, such as Youtube, Video 


Here you can post in English and because of the magic of Google and the internet your listing can be translated into any users language. So if you are wanting a Chinese buyer just post your listing and wait.


*Linking to your Website and Social Media Sites

The best way to get you holding sold quickly is to advertise in as many places as you can find for a reasonable price. The more you do yourself the better your results will be.  From our end we will also share your listing through our RSS feed and through our own social media channels. 


*List it Yourself  or List through an agent 

We don’t mind our site is open to everyone and everyone pays the same price. We don’t play favorites. Our expertise is online marketing and we do our very best to keep up with what is in and what is out. The internet is changing on a daily basis and it’s full time work just keeping up with the changes. Save yourself some time and money by letting us do some of the work for you.. We will help you find a buyer!


Business Owner ? 


For Sale By Owner ?


Do it Yourself ?


For Sale By Builder ?


For Sale By Agent ?


For Sale By Representative ?


Where ever you fit in, it’s all the same to us! 


“Jump in, Get listed, Find a Buyer”