Attention Canadian Builders Builders. Save yourself some...

Attention Canadian Builders 

Builders. Save yourself some money.

It takes some time to build a house and a lot of effort goes in but have you ever looked behind you while working on building that home. People are watching! and when you go home at night they go in, walk around and dream of what it would or could look like if it was their house. Did you know that you can use this anticipation to your advantage?

See, most builders want to get the job finished. They want all of the trades completed, all of the touch-ups done. every surface cleaned, every window shiny, all the new counters spotless. Then once everything is done, they open up to the possibilities of getting the place appraised, listed and sold. This is a good way to do things and this way everyone knows what they are buying.

There are a few potential risks to doing it this way. The biggest one is the economy. No one really knows when there is going to be a downturn, you could be just getting to lock-up and then wham the door of the economy gets slammed shut. Housing prices drop and you are left holding the bag sort of speak.

I’m wanting to offer you a different way of looking at the building process. This is called doing the math first. Here you can figure out the land you are wanting to purchase and have a design or two that you are wanting to build. You know how much each of the trades is going to try and get out of you. If not you can show your trades people the plans and ask for an estimate. Go through each trade and get three or so estimates from each trade, then add up the totals.

For instance painter #1 $3000.00, Painter #2 $4500.00 Painter #3 $3900.00 add all three together for a total of 11,400.00 divide by the number of estimates to get the average price $3,800.00 or just take the highest price and put it in your list as a price for painting. Remember with painting there is interior and exterior. Do this with all of the trades. Now add them all together, add in the price of the property, the price of building inspection, the price of closing costs and legal fees, and your wage, then add in a profit for your company. there you now have a basic price to build the house. Don’t forget to add another 2% for inflation. and even a little extra padding won’t hurt.

Next step and before breaking ground, list the place on and here is why. You can list a place as a builder because the site is open to everyone. You can take pictures of the property and have it as your first listing picture. You can take a picture of your drawings and add that as your second listing picture, you can add the location and your contact information, you can add your price, your description, link to your website, add a header image. and start drawing attention to your place before anyone even steps on the ground.

Here’s the best part, you can update your listing at anytime that you like, no need to make phone calls, just take your iPad or tablet take some recent pictures go to your listing and update it as the build is in progress and at the same time your wife, partner or secretary can also log in and update from the office. No need to know any coding or programming. The listing can also be printed up using a standard printer. Take the newly updated listing that you updated today, print it, take it to the job-site and staple it to the exterior of the house you are building. and let people see it.

The printed version of the listing on comes with a QR code at the bottom that goes directly to your listing on istockhomes and not to the front page of istockhomes. Now think about it. They can walk up to your house that is just getting to lock-up stage scan the QR code, see your listing, tap on the phone number and place a call to you, or link through to your website. and at the same time, your listing can also be viewed from anywhere around the world.

Lastly be sure to put a lawn sign in your front yard so everyone passing by can see that you are going to sell the finished house.