Closing costs.I love numbers and I love to understand them, if I...

Closing costs.

I love numbers and I love to understand them, if I don’t understand them I will not proceed to sign anything. For me, this is true for everything from purchasing a vehicle to selling a house or partnering in a business.

Numbers are important and if you don’t understand the numbers you will lose out on some money or a lot of money.

If someone places a piece of paper or a contract in front of you and just wants you to sign it, don’t ! Not until you understand it. They can wait 24 hours or 48 hours or how ever long it takes for you to understand the document.

In selling a home and especially a home that you have lived in for many years it’s good for you to know the bottom line of how much money will you actually receive after your house has sold and the dust has settled.

Sure, in talking to a lot of professionals, you will be given the answer of we won’t know how much it will cost to sell your home until after we have found a buyer and settled on a price. These obscure answers can and will cost you money. Usually, the commission to your real estate agent will be the biggest expense even tho they have to split it with the buying agent and their brokerage.

Tho this begs the question of “If I find a buyer myself, will I get to save half of the commission?” It’s a question that is well worth asking.

How about the question of “Are you open to discussing a lower commission rate to get the listing”

Listing as “For Sale by Owner” can give you a lot more control over how much you are willing to pay out to get a buyer for your house.

Most importantly, you need to know your numbers. You need to know how much money you will be getting out of your house that you are selling after all of the expenses are paid.

Know before you list how much you will get after you sell.

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