Free Property Valuation tool.This free property valuation tool...

Free Property Valuation tool.

This free property valuation tool is provided compliments of Istockhomes Marketing Ltd.

First off let me explain what it is. This “Free Property Evaluation Tool” is first and foremost a lead capture page. A lead capture page is a way to find warm leads.

With this particular lead capture page what I’m wanting to capture is your name, email address, address, and maybe phone number but most importantly I want to know if you are getting ready to sell your home.

In filling out the form I want to slowly lead you into believing I’m giving you something of value completely free of charge with no strings attached. I’m so nice.

First off I want to know if you are interested at all.

So step one:

Just enter your address and unit number if you have one. Then press the button that should magically tell you what your property is worth.

Go ahead press enter.

The result. Just one more question. Now press enter!

Tada, here is the current value of your property. Ya right!

Actually, this is just an approximation of the value of your properties value. Better yet let me come by with a sales contract to sign and I’ll give you a real evaluation of what your property is worth or the amount I think it should be listed for.

The true value of what a property is worth is how much someone is willing to pay for it along with how much you are willing to sell it for.

If you really want help with setting a price on your property call up three listing agents and get an assessment or call up a property assessor and pay to get the property assessed.

My point, in short, is,  be wary of some free giveaways as they could just be a way of getting you to sign  a contract that you may not really want to be in.

A “Free Property Evaluation Tool” is an easy way to get listings by simply acquiring an address and a contact name and number of a warm lead.

So, what if the tool is legitimate? How can someone tell if the tool is a tool and not a lead capture page?

Here is your answer. You should not need to give any personal information, not the address of the property, not your email address, and not your phone number.

So here is how a property assessment tool should work.

First, the price of the home should start with your government provided assessed value. If you own land the land should be separate from the add- on enhancements or structures like houses or out buildings.

Second, the assessed value of the ground should be adjusted to the economic environment. Is it a buyers market ( prices are lower ) or a seller’s market ( the prices are higher ) it should be easy enough to look at your local news channel to see if the market is up or down and by what percent.

So take the assessed value of the land and adjust the price according to the environment.

The calculation is easy.  

Land price x 1.10 for a 10% increase in price,

and land price  x 0.90 for a 10% decrease in price.

Next the value of the buildings.

Are the buildings well maintained?

Does the roof need to be  replaced?

Is the electrical system up to code?

Has the place been painted lately?

Someone has to pay for the upkeep of the house and if you have not kept it up, your potential buyer will be wanting to reduce the price to make allowance to bring the house back up to a like new condition.

The point is that you should be able to get fairly close to a true value of the home and property without having to give out your address, name or contact information.

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