F.S.B.O. SpottingThis is a new program just being released by...

F.S.B.O. Spotting

This is a new program just being released by Istockhomes marketing Ltd. Istockhomes.com.

FSBO spotting is “For sale by owner spotting” and FSBB Spotting is “For sale by builder spotting ”

It’s fairly well known that for one reason or another 20% of homes for sale start as “For sale by owner” and yet there is no real support for them.

Istockhomes.com was created to help people sell as “For sale by owner” and to take the position of “listing agent” for their own property. This service is also available for builders.

There are many reasons why someone would want to list a home as “For sale by owner” one could be that they don’t want to be locked into a contract under one listing agent, another could be that the owner wants to be allowed to dictate the sales commission that they are willing to pay, another could be that they had a bad experience in the past. Whatever the reason is, the home is now being listed as “For sale by owner”

Now, why would someone want to do FSBO spotting? Well, hopefully, the real reason is to help a friend, neighbor, or relative sell their house or property.

Yet, what is in it for you as a FSBO Spotter?

As a FSBO Spotter, you can build yourself up as a marketing professional who can help people sell their property. This social world that we are now living in is quickly changing the way that people go about selling especially with platforms like Istockhomes.com, Google, YouTube, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

There is now room for people to do what is referred to as affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing is coming to home sales.

To make money as someone doing FSBO spotting all you need to do is ask the owner if they would be willing to pay you some money to find them a buyer.

If they are willing then settle on an amount upfront shake hands and then get to work.

First tell the owner not to sign any contracts to list with anyone else. If someone has an offer to buy in writing that’s fine. Take the offer and review it.

Now that you are helping them, post it on Istockhomes.com, then share it with your friends on Facebook, post it in the Facebook groups that you are in, create a video of the listing and post it on Youtube. Then add the video link to the listing on Istockhomes.com, go on LinkedIn and share it with your connections and also share it in your LinkedIn groups, post it on Twitter, and don’t forget to put a lawn sign in the front yard. Istockhomes has some sign drawings already designed that any sign shop can print up. see here http://istockhomes.com/signage.php

If you are wanting to have the potential buyers contact you then put your contact information if not then put the owners contact information. It’s up to you.

Fsbo-spotting can be fun and it can also help you build a reputation for yourself as a marketing guru.

As you build your reputation as a marketing guru and build your contacts you will be able to learn more about affiliate marketing and we, at Istockhomes can help you along the way.

If you have questions about FSBO-spotting, listing as FSBO, or affiliate marketing please feel free to drop us an email. Our email address is admin@istockhomes.com.

To get started, be sure to sign up as a user of Istockhomes.com and familiarize yourself with the site, so that when you get started you will know what to do.