Hello and welcome to Istockhomes.

Hello and welcome to Istockhomes.

Here we focus on three things


Your Business


Your Products

First: We focus on you. You are an individual and you have goals and dreams that you want to achieve. You could be an artist working out of a shed in your backyard, a musician trying to make your mark in the world while playing at different venues. You could be an up and coming public speaker, or an established business owner. This is why we have a page for you on Istockhomes. Where you can tell everyone about yourself and you can link to all of your social media accounts, add pictures and even embed a video.

Next your Business: If you are a business owner, you are probably busy and more than likely you want to grow your business and don’t have time to always be updating your social profiles. That’s ok! Because we focus on business more than we focus on social profiles. On Istockhomes you list your business, add links to your social channels if you like, update your listing when you want to. No need for a daily blurb to keep your profile fresh. Your business will even have a marker on the map of the front page of Istockhomes.

Next your products: The map on the front page of Istockhomes is designed to display Business, Homes for sale, boats, aircraft, classic cars, professional advice, art, and special events. The rest of your products that don’t fit under any of these categories can be listed on your business or your profile page.

The platform has been designed to be easy to use and won’t take very long to learn once you have signed up.

Lastly, Istockhomes is an open platform designed for marketing your business to the world. So your profile, business profile, and products will be viewable to everyone, even if they are not a member of Istockhomes. Your listings will be searchable from all search engines.

Istockhomes is a marketing platform.

Let us help you with your marketing. As we continue to connect buyers with sellers.