Invest locally or invest globally I’ve been looking into...

Invest locally or invest globally

I’ve been looking into getting an investor for Istockhomes and in doing so have come to the conclusion that the hardest part is actually meeting people.

The one thing I’ve noted is that most of us don’t like to be approached, cornered, or pummelled with so much input that we end up ignoring most of it even when the input or email could be a diamond in the rough.

I don’t think investors like to have tons of emails pushing hair brained ideas with no substance especially from “ entrepreneurs ” who have no track record and nothing but the glimmer of an idea.

Yet, on the other hand, once an entrepreneur gets rolling the focus more often than not becomes building as opposed to seeking out venture capital or angel investment. It’s for this reason that we have included investor and seeking investment on Istockhomes.

Istockhomes is a platform where people and business can add listings in a classifieds type of way yet the listings get neatly placed on a map.

This way if you are promoting your business, looking for investment, looking to invest, looking to buy or looking to sell, it’s all on one platform.

So all you need to do is build your profile, tell people what you are wanting to do by filling out forms. Put in the contact information that you want to put in, then forget it and wait for someone to contact you.

Notably, most of the fields are optional and using the platform is free.

The best way to understand what Istockhomes is and how to use Istockhomes, is to just start using it.

Build your business and live your life to the fullest

Our mission at Istockhomes is to connect buyers with sellers. Come check us out and sign up. Like I said before it’s Free!