Marketing.Have you ever asked yourself what marketing is?We...


Have you ever asked yourself what marketing is?

We have.

Marketing vs Sales vs Reputation Building.

Our focus is building business’ and educating people on buying and selling real estate.

Let’s look at marketing as you or your business getting a larger share of your niche market in your target location.

Do you want to dominate your market, without being some obnoxiously annoying squeaky wheel?

If so you are in a select group of people.

A lot of people and companies believe in the advertise, advertise, advertise approach as in the more you advertise the same message the more likely people are going to come to you.

I say, advertise on!

We at Istockhomes, prefer more of a marketing approach and it’s a slower approach. The approach to marketing that we prefer is to build yourself or your business as an expert in your field of expertise. The more you share for free the more you or your business’ perceived value increases.

There is lots of information available for sharing, educating and informing people. You don’t even have to be giving away your trade secrets nor do you always have to be sharing in your field of expertise or talking as an expert.

For instance. Did you know that changing the anode in your hot water tank can add years of life to your hot water tank for very little money and possibly save you thousands of dollars?

I have no idea, I’m not an expert. Ask a plumber.

Yet, not being an expert can be ok. I could look at what an anode is, get a picture of one write a little blog and maybe save someone some money. Or maybe build a link to a local plumber who may end up returning a favor in my direction. The blog once done can go on my website as content. With online marketing and building your business content is king. A good looking website is nice, good content is better.

In marketing yourself or your business always be thinking am I building the business or just telling people about it.

If you are an expert in your field and have “professional advice” to share please take the time to share it on and we will help people find it.

And be sure to ask a plumber about the anode in your hot water tank. I guess.