What is  a million dollar handshake, part 2You find yourself at...

What is  a million dollar handshake, part 2

You find yourself at a conference and out of the blue a person holds out their hand to you and then introduce themselves by saying hello followed by your name and then continue to say “I’m” followed by their name. They then continue to tell you that they have been following you online and watching your progress. They seem to know your business and they seem to know you.

The problem here is you know nothing about them. They don’t have the recognizable face of the millionaires or billionaires that you have been following or studying. You also find that you have less than a second to assess them and maybe place them in a category. Are they an underling, a peer, or a mentor.

They know your name and you know nothing about them.

So, What’s your next move?

Step 1. Show them respect. Male, female, black, white, whatever, it doesn’t matter so show them respect.

Step 2. Assess what you can but don’t judge. Never Judge someone on the first impression take the time to hear them out.

Step 3. As you reach out and glance down to connect a handshake, quickly notice the watch if they are wearing one, the shoes, the clothing, is this person dressed similarily to everyone else, dressed better than average, or are they dressed more casually?

Step 4. Return to eye contact as soon as you can you only have about a second or so and you already are the uninformed one in this situation.

Step 5. Shut up and listen. This person in front of you could be wanting to be an ally or an adversary and they already know more about you than you know about them. This is not the time for you to toot your own horn or show off all of your badges. Let them ask you questions and let them control the conversation. Here you need to be approachable and yet guarded because you don’t know who they are. Remember to be friendly, show genuine interest in them and don’t forget their name. If you didn’t get their name when they first said it then ask again to make sure it is clear in your head. Let the conversation play out. If they offer a business card take it, if they ask for a business card have one to give. Do not force them to take a business card if they have not asked for one.

Step 6. Who were they and why did they approach me?

Once the conversation has come to a conclusion and you have learned what you can while letting them lead the conversation, take what you have learned and go do your homework. Find out who they are and what they do. Then if interested follow-up, send them an email, thank them for meeting, connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or what ever platform you prefer, Just don’t make yourself a stalker by connecting on every platform. Take some time do your research and get to know them and start to build a relationship one step at a time.

If you are the one reaching out try to know who you are reaching out to and why. Get out of your comfort zone, but don’t act the fool, show respect to everyone.

Btw. This blog I wrote for myself. So I could go back and read it again later.