Brad Camp

Brad Camp Sales Manager 1595 Bowen Road Nanaimo, B.C. V9S 1G4 Tel:(250) 816-8577 Email: Istockhomes Marketing Ltd. by Brad Camp. This website has been a while in the working and I have a few people to thank. I'm not even sure where to start. So I'll start with the office and green couches, my wife Rita M. Camp, my sons John, Mathew and Samuel Camp. My Mom and my Dad, my brother Andrew and my sister Laura along with my friend, landlord and partner Paul Hoffman. The original goal of Istockhomes Marketing Ltd was to find a way to get by financially while still staying at home or close to home so that I can do my part of trying to provide a good environment to bring up a child or two with autism. While Istockhomes started with myself my son, John and my son, Mathew sitting on two green couches at our little rented shop on Bowen road in Nanaimo. We liked test driving vehicles and wanted to go look at an " Open House " I thought it would be easy to just type " Open House" into my iPhone and a nice map would show up with a nice easy searchable list or something like it... No! Not so easy. We then started to work on the concept of creating a map that just displayed open houses, this idea was soon replaced with the concept of Istockhomes. The main concept of istockhomes became finding a way to take the hunt out of finding a home. Now, along with Paul a business has come about. The business is designed to market houses, open-houses, classic cars, boats/ yachts, aircraft, and related businesses. We charge a fixed fee to list a holding with no contract to sign, we then place the listing on a searchable map and also place the holding in a database which is also searchable and gives the customer the option of printing their listing to hand out as desired and/or with advertising material that can be printed on a normal printer or can also be taken to a professional printer or sign shop. At Istockhomes, we are now ready to start marketing ourselves along with your listings. Please feel free to add your listing and read through the tutorials in Our "How to" section of the website or if you have questions about what we do or how to proceed just call and I'll answer any questions that I can. Sincerely Brad Camp