Business owners go here.

So here goes.

You are probably on this page because you are a business owner, More than likely you own a "Small Business". Well, you are in the right place because small business supports countries and we are here to help support you and help you grow, if that is your goal?

This company Istockhomes is a marketing company designed and created by small business owners looking for a way to market their business as well as their holdings, assets, or what ever you want to call it.

The site is designed to help you market you or your business. It has not been designed as a social site where you need to check in 2, 3, 5, 10 times a day. Very much the opposite we know that you are busy and that you have other things to do, other than marketing.

On Istockhomes all you do is create an account so that you can sign in, sign out, update or edit your stuff.

Second you create a business listing for yourself, of if you prefer you can have two or three separate business. After that you can add other holdings like, Houses if you sell houses, Boats, Yachts, Classic Cars, Add a Special Event if you are having a Sale.

If you are a musician you can list your shows, Own a yacht that you charter out? list that too. You happen to be a public speaker? Share that too. Have a Classic Car that there is no way you will ever sell it? List it too! The reason is this, you may get an offer that you just can't refuse, or you may meet someone with the exact same car.

So, What do we at Istockhomes do. We sort out the information into different categories, subcategories and then organize it and do our best to keep it updated. We made the site easy to navigate in different way one by using our "Main" map which is located on the front page, Then each business gets a map of their own ( this may show just the business location or in the case of the "Thunderbirds" the map shows all of their air shows that are located all over the U.S.A. That map is located on your business page under your basic company information, below that map all of your listings are also placed into a nice list. Then after all that your listings are also sorted into some other lists. Listing a Classic Car, inserts your Classic Car listing with all of the other Classic Cars. Your listing will also show up under Most Recent Content. It sounds complicated, I know, but once you get started you will find this site quite useful.

The cost to list your business is just $50.00/month.  As a bonus we are going to be running a kickstarter campaign and hopefully bring lots of people into the site and then onto you and your business.

One last thing. You may be wondering why the site is not completely free. That is because if it were free there would be so much junk on the site that no one would want to use it.

Come on in and give us a shot, If you are not satisfied let us know and we will refund your money. To continue to the payment page follow this link Payment Page Any questions or concerns please send us an email