First Impressions

First Impressions

Where does the first impression start?

Is it the handshake? A firm grip, taking the position of the upper hand, nicely manicured cuticles. Placing the left hand over the right to reinforce your dominance. 

Is it the glistening watch nicely placed on the wrist, or maybe your beautifully polished shoes. No, that would be the first face to face contact.

Now think back further. Does your first impression start at the front door and how loudly you knock. The first glance, the attire you are wearing, the amount of skin you reveal. 

No, think back further. A phone call and your phone voice, distractions in the background, the answering service letting potential customers know that you will get back to them? 

No, go back further. People now do a lot more research and they are way more informed. They know more than they used to. 

So, it must be your website. It's nicely paid out, has good graphics, has an up to date blog, is very informative, it is mobile responsive, search engine optimized, and ranks on page one of Google for your key words. 

The first impression starts with someone looking at a blank webpage and wondering if they should search for an agent or a listing, a location, a description, or what. What should they type in the search bar? 

Try it for yourself. Try looking for a piece of property or a house in some far off land, maybe your dream home. What would you type in the search bar. " looking for the number one top rated realtor in my favorite location" ?  Ya, that's what I would type too. 

So, let's step back just one step further. Let's step back to the domain name. A name the could instantly start fulfilling a dream or a vision. " Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Listings" ( dot com ) because really of all of the other ending options .com will be the best and most memorable. 

Having or starting with a really good domain name is imperative. The domain name has to speak loud and clear to your potential customers, wether they are buying or selling. The domain name also has to speak loud and clear to search engines. It has to do both. 

Once you have a really good domain name your vision can start taking place. Think about it Vancouver ( Location ) Luxury ( type of people or class of customer ) Real Estate Listings ( the product ) a clear statement wrapped into a domain name and it's understandable to both humans and computers. 

Having a very good domain name on its own can start drawing a vision, a vision that marketing, design, sales and management can all see right from day one, even before the first line of code is written. 

Think about it add your listings for free and we can help you get top dollar for your Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Listings, Buying or Selling there is no better place to start. 

The domain is currently for sale through  Istockhomes Marketing Ltd. and it's been priced high as its a one of a kind domain. Domains are not like houses,  they are more like properties. A property one one side of the street can be worth way more than the other side of the street, water view as opposed to the waterfront. Domains work the same way.

Which domain would you rather own? Waterfront or view of the water. And how many more listings can you get over five years just by having a better domain than your competition? Then when you are finished with the domain it is a property and it can be resold for your asking price. 

The domain I've mentioned is and my question to you is, would you like one of your competitors to own it? Foreigners are coming to Vancouver and they have money to purchase and they will purchase if they can see the potential for a good return on investment. 

Believe it or not, Domaining is coming of age and domains are now appreciating faster than real estate. 

Think about it. The first impression is the first impression.