How to Buy and Sell a home with Istockhomes 2014

How to Buy and Sell a home with Istockhomes 2014

Our book is a compilation of Professional Advise from Certified Accredited Professionals and we are looking for your help. That is if you meet muster.

You the authors must be experts in your field and have many years of experience under your belt.

At Istockhomes we feel it’s about time that professionals spoke their mind and started setting some standards. The best way we feel to set these standards is by honestly informing buyers and sellers what is out there and how to protect yourself. How to find real professionals, how to get what you have paid for, and how to not get snowed or burned.

Are you that type of professional? Are you passionate about what you do! Are you the best in your field?

At Istockhomes we are passionate about what we are doing. We want to give our customers as much value as we can and we want to support our customers. Just so you know our customers are the people and business involved in buying, selling and keeping properties good.

If you are a Professional and want to share here are the rules.

#1 You need to be a member on the Istockhomes website.

#2 You need to be paying for a monthly business membership $49.95/ month.

#3 You need to be a professional in your area of expertise and have credentials and references to prove it.

#4 You need to be passionate about quality.

#5 You need to be reputable.

What we at Istockhomes offer.

*To business professionals we offer a paid monthly membership where you get a business listing page and a link on our map.

*You get to provide people with professional advise listings also on our map as a separate listings (no extra charge )

*Then if you want to write for the book there is a separate link which leads you to a page and a form where you can write your content for our book. The content for the book will be reviewed by us at Istockhomes and there is no guarantee that content written for the book will be put in the online or print version of the book. If your content is good enough to make it into the print version of our book we will be paying a royalty based on the book sales.

Interested ?

Just sign up. become a business member and we at Istockhomes will help you get recognized, and help you stand out from the crowd.