Old wallpaper should it stay or should it go ?

Wallpaper sells houses?

Ok. so you’re selling your house and you’ve taken the time and invested the money to wallpaper some walls or even a few rooms.

Stop. Take a good look at the wallpaper. Is it there for you or has it been installed just as a feature and focal point for the potential buyer.

If the wallpaper was installed many years ago and it suited your decor while your children were growing up, it’s time to get rid of it.

Here’s why.

When it comes to figuring out how much work and money is involved in updating a house, getting it painted, replacing doors and trim. Wallpaper is one of those mystery quotes to the professional.

Some wallpaper especially newish wallpaper can be easy to remove because it is designed to come down easily. With newish wallpaper you simply tear off the colored top layer and then left with the non colored paper layer and the wallpaper glue that came with it. The glue was on the back of the paper and when it got wet the water activated the glue. to remove the bottom layer all you have to do is get the bottom layer really wet with just warm water. no need for paper taggers, steamers, wallpaper remover or a great deal of effort.

Old wallpaper not so nice. commercial wallpaper even worse. I won’t get into the details but I will say this.

If the wallpaper is newish it will be easy to remove. try just tearing up a little corner if it comes off easily tear it off wet down the walls remove the bottom layer and then wash the walls, give them a good sanding then paint the wall or walls to match the rest of the home. Note a 4 inch wide plastic knife will help greatly with removing the bottom layer as for applying the water to get it wet I use a full size paint roller and tray get the roller wet and always roll slowly starting at the floor and rolling upwards. just don’t hit the ceiling

If the wallpaper does not come off easily and you’re not sure what to do then just leave it alone as the new home owner may take it off or may decide to take out the entire wall.

In short try to remove wallpaper and borders unless they have been installed just to help sell the home. For instance some interior decorators make very good use of wallpaper to add value to a home.

out with the old in with the new.