Placing a sign in front of the house.

Istockhomes for sale sign


Ever wonder why so many people place a lawn sign in their yard and then go on to place a bunch more around the surrounding areas to direct people to the house?

The straight forward answer is this. People who are looking to purchase a house, usually have a very specific area they are looking to purchase in. Tho the reasons vary some could be it’s close to work, close to a specific school, in a district that is desirable and so on.

Most buyers are looking for somewhere that they know, understand or have at least visited.

The buyer that is looking for your house could more than likely live with in a five minute drive of the house.

So having a listing online on Istockhomes is good but you should also compliment the listing by having listing spec sheets that are easily readable attached to a lawn sign.

This makes it easy for potential buyers to see that a house is for sale, makes it easy for them to pick up a spec sheet and with our printable listings that come complete with a QRcode mobile users can quickly and easily navigate to your specific listing on Istockhomes.

For those of you who are interested we have designed lawn signs that can be printed up at any sign shop.Yes we do understand that you can also pick up standard red and white for sale by owner signs but we do not recommend using them.

We do not recommend using red and white lawn signs simply because they are seen as being a target for many buyers who are looking for a good deal and are more than willing to talk you down in price.

So in listing your home for sale. Do list online, Do place lawn signs out side the property and in the area around the house, print up some spec sheets, and then share the listing with your friends and coworkers. Then be patient and wait for a buyer.

For signs designed by Istockhomes follow this link.