For sale by owner

For sale by owner

Is it better to buy direct from the source?

Yes, it is and here are a few reasons.

Better for the seller and better for the buyer

First its better for the buyer.

1. The owner of the holding, house, boat, classic car, yacht, knows more about the holding than anyone else possibly could.

2. The owner of the holding will be able to answer almost any question regarding the holding.

3. The owner of the holding will be able to negotiate a fair price with out having to go through a middle man.

4. With-out having to pay out a large commission, there will be more room for flexibility in the price.

Second its better for the seller.

1. If selling your holding on your own and feel that more marketing needs to be done you have the ability to do more with out having to worry about breaking any rules or contracts.

2. Its much more secure for yourself and your holding. You can put more effort into taking or having good pictures and or a video produced and then limit the number of showings of your holding.

3. Having a good listing page of your holding will give you the ability to drive traffic to your specific holding.

4. Online is going to be the first place people look when searching out a new holding for themselves.

5. Online marketing can and does have a world wide reach, and language is not a barrier in the online world as its very easy for a foreigner to translate the online advertising.

6. Online marketing is green and environmentally friendly.

7. Online marketing is also very cost effective.

If you have a holding that you are wanting to sell. Why not try doing it yourself. We will be here to give a helping hand along with plenty of helpful tips along the way.

Come check us out and see what we have to offer along the way.

For sale by owner is a good way to go if you understand advertising and can close the sale yourself and we are here to help along the way. Now, if you go as far as you can and find it overwhelming you can always look into what some of the realtors on this site can do to help you better sell your home or holding.