Selling to make a profit.

Sell a house don't sell a home better yet sell something half way between a house and a home.
Think of it this way home is where the heart is. A home is very personal, there are lots of trinkets especially when someone has lived there for a very long time. There are photos, shoes, closets full of clothing, fancy painted walls in unique colors, there is wallpaper with torn corners, growth charts going up a doorway and all sorts of other stuff that made the house into a home.

A house on the other hand is not personalized at all. The paint is usually the same color through out the house, most of the flooring is the same everywhere and there seems to be no life or character.

The mid point is basically called home staging. Home staging and not house staging. Home staging in short is the art of making a house look like a home with out any of the personal effects.

Basically the home gets emptied of almost everything to give the appearance that it is ready to move into yet is not lived in. Ideally the cupboards should be empty with maybe a coffee pot and only a few matching cups set up on the counter gently calling out "want a coffee?"

The bedrooms should be empty of all clothing with a bed being left in the room and a dresser as well also if there is room to add a chair that would be nice.
Bathrooms should be empty and not have personal effects like a toothbrush or a Razor, just leave a bar of soap and a hand towel on the counter and also have a matching set of towels on the towel bars.

In the main room, great room, or living room there should be a nice siting area with a focal point. This focal point could be a fireplace, a nice view throughout a window or that of a television.

People will want to see the whole house so hiding all of your belongings in the garage is a no no and can be a big turn off.

Now with the home depersonalized take a look at the place. If the walls are dingy and you were going to be the person purchasing the house wouldn't you take into account the price of getting the house painted? When painting a house or having a professional paint a house it's way less money to put on a fresh coat of one color through out the house in order to sell it than it is to buy a house and then paint it all sorts of custom colors in orders to personalize the house into a home.

If the flooring needs replaced badly or the roof needs replaced the people who look at the home will either want a deal or price break to account for the additional work that will need to be done or they will just walk away.

Think of you being the buyer. What is it you would like to see? A potential home, or a work project? A work project is called a fixer upper and these places get purchased at usually a deep discount and then get flipped with in days or weeks for a good profit. Now ask yourself do you want to do the work yourself a get the added profit or let someone else get that profit?

Now if you don't know where to start, start by calling in an interior decorator or a designer for a one hour consultation. They can start with giving you advise or help you through to the finish. If calling in a professional be sure to have a budget in mind and don't feel bad calling in two different people to get two different opinions.

Learning the cost of different things can also be beneficial. For instance as a home owner you can easily get an estimate or three to get your roof replaced so that you can say it is “New” as opposed to your potential buyer seeing that the roof is going to need replaced very soon and not knowing how much it may cost. The same rings true when it comes to replacing carpets, updating the kitchen, or getting a fresh coat of paint.

Unknowns can easily turn a buyer away from purchasing your house especially if they are new to the market and want something that is move-in ready.

Try and take a look at your house as you being the buyer, would you buy it as is? Then ask some of you friends for their opinion. Would they buy the house as is?

To get the most out of your house you will need to make it presentable and attractive to your buyer.