Classic Car Listings

Classic Car Listing

At Istockhomes as we were setting up the company and the platform which was primarily focused on "For Sale by Owner" we came across the owner of a 1930 model a Ford. In the conversation, we came to realize that there were very few good places to advertise a Classic Car for sale aside from running it through an auction. 

This did not seem to do the car justice or account for many of the countless hours of love that had been put into it. More than that some people don't want to sell their car but want to put it to use for weddings, grad or some other special occasions. 

Our thought was why not have a place that you can list a classic car even if it is not for sale. It could be for lease or hire, used in motion pictures, movies or television shows. Also when listing a classic why not have it set up so that other classic car owners can find you. 

We have set up the listings so that you can list a car or all the cars in your collection. They can appear on the map on the front page of Istockhomes if you fill out the location or not if you don't fill out the location. 

Pictures can be added and video can be embedded. And for the love of classic cars it's free to list. To top it off your classic car listing can stay up until you decide to take it down.

So, what is your ride? And why not list it on for sale or not for sale. 

Classic Car