Domaining guidlines

Domaining guidlines

When listing domains on Istockhomes we have some criteria and guidelines that we would like you to follow.

1 We are looking for domains that fit with the overall theme of the site and fit under one of our categories. These are house listing services ( real estate specific ) such as  Boat or Yacht listing services, Aircraft, Cars, Recreational Vehicles, Classic Cars, or Special events or a domain that a business or new business would be willing to snap up..

2 We are going to be focusing on .com’s unless the TLD is exceptional.

3 The minimum price we are willing to have as a sale price on the site is $549.00 and this minimum price is going to be increased every year.

4 All domains are going to have to be clear in their meaning  HTTP:// is not of interest and won’t be allowed to be listed on the site.

5 This is about team work. If we work together to increase the value of domains the domains will become more valuable

6 Location specific domains. If you place a marker or address location on your listing as you list it the domain will be marked on our front page map with a small white map pin showing people close to the location that the domain is available.

7 We are only going to be letting a specific number of domains to be listed at one time so that our map does not become over populated with domains.

8 To become a “domainer” on Istockhomes is by invite or you can request to join us. Here is a place to sign up

9 Listing your domains on Istockhomes is only open to accredited domainers who have been preselected. 

If all of the above sounds good to you please feel free to join us.