Your email address when signing up for Istockhomes

Do we require an email address from yourself on Istockhomes? Yes, and here is why. The reason we obtain this is to help us identify that you are a legit person. During the building of the sight we had many spam attempts and have now locked down the site as much as possible and will continue to make it more and more secure.

Your email address identifies who you are, and if you or anyone is found to be on this site to troll or harass people, their membership will be terminated.

We are not going to be putting out a company business news letter and will not be making up any other excuse to send you countless email updates.

Do not expect any emails from us.

If wanting to keep up on the new listings just join our RSS feed.

Your phone number is not required and no one from Istockhomes we ever be contacting you via phone, as that would just be a nuisance call.

Your phone number is also not required to be on any of your listings and if you are listing as for sale by owner and new to this business we highly recommend that you do not put in your phone number. Your listing will be open for everyone to view and potential buyers who are serious about buying or putting in an offer will be willing to contact you via the email form that is provided.