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I am looking for a smallish type home (larger than 800 sq.ft) with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (with a tub) and maybe a den. This must be somewhere in the country between South Langley and South Surrey = west of 200 Street and south of 56 Avenue. If it has a garage, a carport or a small shop, it would be amazing. My favourite hobby is refinishing wood furniture and my 15 year old son works on cars. So finding a place that has something like that for us to use would be wonderful. As well, we have 2 indoor cats who are very clean and quiet. I would like to have a dog someday when my youngest son moves out but it's not a necessity, so we need a home where our cats (and maybe one day a dog) would be welcome as well! A real working fireplace would be lovely! :)
My dream home is actually a log home but I am not too picky as long as the home we live in is clean and has somewhat updated fixtures/appliances, a decent sized kitchen and the bedrooms aren't too small.
I don't enjoy living in the city anymore at all! The noise, people, traffic and sirens have taken their toll on me. I want and need a home that feels like a "home" where all you hear at night are the sounds of crickets, frogs or farm livestock. and I am only looking for long term. This would also be a home that I don't have to worry about being sold off to make way for a plot of condos or recreational centres. If I could find a home that has the option of rent to buy, I would definitely consider it if it was possible and affordable.

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1 300.00

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South Langley, BC