Getting Started Properly with Istockhomes

Step 1: Create an Account


Click the register button at the top of this page. You’ll be taken to a form where you need to:


  1. Create a user name (will be visible to other users)
  2. Provide email address (not visible to users)
  3. Choose a password (make it strong and make note of it)
  4. List your website
  5. Read and Accept “Terms of Use” and the “Privacy Policy
  6. Click on “Create New Account”

You will be taken to a new page, where you can start completing your personal profile.


You will also receive an email confirming your registration.


Your profile will be viewed by an Administrator and can be closed at any time if you are found


to be abusing your privileges as a user of Istockhomes.


Step 2: Complete Your Personal Profile


After creating your account, on the next page, you’ll see three tabs – View. Edit. Orders.


Click on “Edit”


You can change your email, or your password here.


Upload your personal Profile Image or a company logo.


- 250 px x 250 px. If it’s bigger it will be cut down to size.


- format - jpg .gif. or .png


Upload a Header Image to showcase your company.


- 300px high x 1000px

- format - jpg .gif. or .png

Add your contact information.

Fill in all your Social Media accounts.


Complete fields about yourself, your history, anything you’d like to share to connect with your buyers better.


** You can even upload a video to introduce yourself.


Step 3: Create Your Business Listing  


Istockhomes will review to make sure your business is legitimate. After approval, you will be able to create a


"Business Listing" to describe your company, then also add other listings to sell your holdings.


  • Go to the top right of your Istockhomes website and hover your cursor over “My Listings”, and a menu will drop down showing the listing types that are available to you.
  • Go down to “Create Your Business Listing” and click on it. This will open up a form for you to fill out.
  • The first field is List Your Business
    • insert your business name​
  • Field of Business
    • ­ please choose from the dropdown menu, and select the one that is closest to your  business. This is used for search purposes.
  • Contact Information
    • Use the existing information from your personal profile, or
    • Click on “Add New Contact Information” to open up a form where you can add some other information and insert a new header image.

  • Business Name
    • again just key in your business name
  • Business Website
    • Under Title you can also place your “business name” or brief description of your business
    • Under URL you will need to place a proper web address/URL such as

  • Location
    • Filling out this section completely will place a drop pin on the main map on the

      Home page of the Istockhomes website. It will also create a map on your business 

      profile page with just one drop pin showing where your business is located. 

       (You can also use the map to find your location and then just double click to drop 

      a pin to show your location.)

  • Office Hours
    • Complete all fields as required.
  • Images
    • Load up to ten images along with a title and a description for each.

      Hint - Before uploading the images you should first save them on your computer 

      with appropriate file names that can be more easily found by search engines. 

      i.e. “Driftwood_Designs_Fireplace_Mantle.jpg” instead of “image_1.jpg”

      This will help you be found more easily by search engines.

    • Once Uploaded, you should also fill out the “Alternate text” and the “Title”

      separately for each image. This will also help you be found more easily by search 


  • Social Media Links
    • Add your Social Media links in the appropriate fields, and an icon will show up

      on your Business Page that links to your Social sites. 

      Note: Feel free to leave any of the social fields blank. It will not affect your 

      profile at all.

  • Company Overview - Here is where you get to start selling!
    • Describe your business; what you offer, and your benefits. Tell your potential

      customers all about you and your business.

  • Add a Video
    • enter the web address to your YouTube (or other platform) video here.
  • Miscellaneous Social Links
    • If you have other sites you’d like to link to, here is the place to do it.
  • Find Me a Buyer
    • ​Here you can add any incentives that you like in order to help get people promoting your listings. You could offer a commission, a finders fee, a gift or something like it.
  • Choose a Background
    • Choose a background for your Business Listing, and then hit Save.
  • Review your Page
    • You will then be taken to your completed Business Page.

      - click the Edit button if you need to make changes.


Step 5: Creating Other Listings

To list specific things you want to sell, just go to the My Listings link at the top of the page, and select the appropriate menu item. i.e. Create Your House Listing.

  • Follow similar steps to create each listing for what you are selling.
  • Each type of listing will have different fields to complete.

Note – If a Listing category is not on the site, please let us know and we’ll review your request.


Step 6: Link Your Website to Istockhomes

You can drive traffic to your sales listings by linking from your website to Istockhomes.

  • Link back to your Profile Page, Listings Pages
  • Use either a link or one of the buttons on our buttons page
  • Here is a sample  



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Lastly, Please use this site Respectfully.

This is a place of business. Please be respectful of other users, and the terms of use. We will remove any content that does not conform to this site, and will close and remove any accounts that are abusive or spammy.

Other than that, Good Luck on selling your holdings on Istockhomes.