How to list a house with Istockhomes

Step 1 Create an Account 

You will need to have an account with Istockhomes. If you don’t have an account please go here “Register an Account”

Step 2 Purchase a Listing

You will need to Purchase your listing in order to purchase your listing you will need to go here Purchase a “List your house” listing. You will be taken through Paypal and once you have paid for your listing you will have one available to you. 

You will be able to Create, Edit, Update, or Remove your Listing whenever you like. 

You will also be able to upload pictures or video links to help promote your home. 

Step 3 Creating the Listing 

In the top right corner of you monitor ( when logged in ) you will see a small menu and the words “My Listings” when you hover over “My Listings” a drop-down menu will appear along with the link containing the wording “Create your House Listing” Click on the link. 

Step 4 Filling out the Form 

The Title: Try and make the title as descriptive as possible. Put in the address, house for sale, your name or business name. All of these entries make your listing easier to find by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and similar.

Listing Representative header logo: This is for users that are in the business of making money with real estate. They could be realtors, buyers, sellers, builders, property flippers, or similar where they have a business that they are working on building. This logo is optional. 

Contact Information: having a name is always nice, but your contact number is optional. The reason for this is that most people don’t appreciate getting harassing phone calls by pushy sales people at inappropriate times.

Your email address: again your email address is nice to have but it is also optional. If you choose to put your email address in the form people will be able to contact you but they will only be shown a form and will not have access to your email address. 

Website Link: The website link is for people who have a website of their own. The Title can be what ever you want to put in there. The Url and the link will be checked to make sure it is appropriate. The Link “title” attribute is designed for search engines and for people who are visually impaired. Please fill in the title if you are entering a website address. 

Location: Entering the location of your holding will allow our system to create a map for your listing and it will also create a pin on our front page map that will lead people who are searching your area to your listing. The map and pin are created automatically as long as you enter your address correctly. as an option if Google can not locate your address you can manually find the location on the map and double click to place a pin. 

Preferred Spoken Language: Please enter your first spoken language and then if you speak another fluently please enter that as well. This is for buyers who may not speak the same language as yourself.

Description of your listing: This is where you can really talk up your place, You are not limited in the number of characters so please be descriptive. 

State of House: Just a drop down select menu. Please read them and choose the one that best describes your house.

Size of home and unit of measure: These differ according to the country you reside in. 

Embed a video: this is for people who are willing to do a walkthrough video of their home or have a professionally made one. Here all you need to do is load your video unto youtube or some other video hosting service then copy the link provided into the “video url” 

Images: We currently provide room for you to load up to ten images of your house or holding and they can be resorted after being loaded up. The images will be automatically resized to fit in our application. As you load up the images individually you are encouraged to fill in the “Alternate text” and the “Title” fields for each image filling in these fields helps the visually impaired and help search engines find your listing.

Where or from who did you hear about Istockhomes? It’s always nice to know! 

Find me a buyer: Here you can offer a cash reward or gift of sorts to get someone to help find you a buyer. You could offer $500.00 maybe $1000.00 or something more creative. This offer has nothing to do with Istockhomes Marketing Ltd. and we at Istockhomes are not responsible to make sure you get paid for finding a buyer.

After this all you need to do is choose a background for your listing and hit the save button.

Creating listings for Istockhomes are all very similar once you have learned how to list one item or holding the rest will become easy. 

Please check over your listing and make sure everything is entered properly and titled correctly, once you have done this you can now share the listing on Facebook, Twitter, through Email, or other social sites. The listing is also formatted properly so that it can be printed up on a standard printer and can be shared with your friends who prefer to have a piece of paper to look at. ** note the print version of the listing only prints your first four pictures and the viedo will not appear.