List a Boat / Yacht

Listing a “Boat / Yacht” on Istockhomes can be done as “For Sale by Owner”, For Sale by Agent”, or even “For Sale by Brokerage or Marina ” it’s all the same to us.  

This listing comes with a listing page, a place for a company header, contact information, a description field, a place for up to ten images that can be viewed as a slideshow, a field in which to embed a video, a comments section below. 

Nice to also note that we do not give out your email address ( we only provide a form for interested buyers to fill out) and we have left your contact phone # as optional.  No high pressure sales here. 

The “Boat / Yacht” listings get placed on our main map and have a balloon with an Anchor on it placed on the location, the listing will show up on your individual map, it will show up on your list of listings on your business page, It will show up on “Our Most Recent Listings” and it will show up on the page “Boats / Yachts” which is searchable by Make of Boat / Yacht and year of manufacture.

Once you have paid for your listing you will be given a link under “My Listings” where you can fill out the form. 

Price: $250.00