List a Special / Event

Listing a Special Event could be a "Sale" you are having, a "concert" you are holding, a "Speaking Engagement", a "Car Show", a "Boat Show" an "Air Show or something similar to it. 

This listing comes with a listing page, a start and a finish date and time, a description field, a place to include pictures and a video link. 

The “Special Events” get placed on our main map and have the red balloon placed on the location, listing will show up on your individual map, it will show up on your list of listings on your business page, It will show up on “Our Most Recent Listings” and it will show up on the page “Special Events” which is searchable by title, city and type of special.

Once you have paid for your listing you will be given a link under “My Listings” where you can fill out the form. 

Price: $250.00