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Hello and Welcome

I’d like to offer you an opportunity:

-To work from home or where ever you would prefer.

-Set your own hours and more importantly 

-Get paid your worth 

The harder you work and more productive you are, the more you will get paid.

The Job itself is to help promote and market Istockhomes.

This can be accomplished by:

- Word of mouth

- Over a coffee,

- Through email, or other social media platform, 

- Really, where ever you are most comfortable. 


There is no cost to get involved, 

It’s not multi level marketing. 

What we do at Istockhomes is promote Business, Holdings and Special Events.

A holding could be a House, A Boat, A Yacht, A Classic Car, A Passenger Vehicle, A Recreational Vehicle, An Aircraft, or a Special Event. Such as a Concert, A Speaking Engagement, or an Open House.

I’m looking to hire a few good people to help market this company. 

So just a little about me. I’m Married and the father of three boys. My wife is a “cleaning lady” and loves helping the elderly so that they can keep their independence as long as possible. 

I’m the stay at home parent. ( if you know what I mean ) 

In being the stay at home parent I’ve needed to find a way to also pull in an income. An income from home, and the income had to be flexible, I had to be able to set my own hours, and I needed to create a way that my income could eventually set us up for a life of freedom because I knew that we could never retire  on my wife’s income. 

If you are a stay at home parent, looking for an opportunity to make your own income while also doing the more important things in life. Come say Hello. 

I’ll teach you the ropes and how to use Istockhomes, I’ll teach you where to look for clients, and how we can benefit them. Once you have them listed I’ll teach you how to keep them happy and you will be earning yourself an income while helping them market their business. 

Here is how you will get paid. You find the client line them up and get them paying and I’ll be sending you 20% of what they pay. They will be responsible for their own data entry and you will just need to check up on them as you build your list of clients your income will increase year over year. 

The work is not hard, but it is work! If you are interested and want to find out more please send me an email

I look forward to meeting you.