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How to buy or sell a home with Istockhomes

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An introduction to real estate and the history of real estate

First time home buyer beware!

Getting your finances in order.

Lease to Own

Pre-approval for a mortgage.

Choosing the home that is right for you and yours.

How, when and why to hire a purchasing/ buying agent.

Researching before making an offer to purchase.

D.I.Y. pre-offer home inspection

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Making an offer to purchase including subjects.

Home Inspection prior to closing on the purchase.

Chapter 11 Moving day

Hiring a contractor


First time home seller beware!

Builders, save your money.

Preparing your house to be sold.

Selling to make a profit.

Shadow Flipping

Home staging

Photographing your home

Videotaping your home

For sale by Owner

How, when and why to hire a selling agent

Marketing and Advertising Placing signage on the street

Showing the home Open houses

Closing the deal

Follow up.


Investors wanting to invest in "lease to Own"

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