Money and Marketing


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Brad Camp
Money and Marketing

There are two basic ways to look at money and marketing. The first is with tight financial constraints and the other is few or no real financial constraints. 

I'll start with the scenario of little or no financial constraints in marketing and money. In this scenario. We have been taught that, a company that does not advertise does not succeed. It's that simple. In this school of thought, there is no limit to the amount of money that can be spent on marketing and advertising. Here is an example for you to ponder over. The company is called Redbull and realistically it is a relatively new company. Yet, take a look at their website and see what they actually do and where their advertising and marketing dollars go. Wow. 

Now, take a look at Breitling. Most people reading this probably don't know what Breitling sells or makes. Yet, check out their website, read about their beginnings and what the owner did. What a cool company! 

Looking at just these two companies as an example we can see that the sky is not pushing the limit of what they can spend on Marketing and advertising. 

When building a business, from inception and on, our minds can be filled with ideas and wishes of what we could accomplish if and when we have the money to do like the big boys. Now, back in reality, I'm sure that purchasing a jet team and flying your company logo around the world would bring in business but for most of us, it is unrealistic. 

So the other way of looking at things is with constraints, keeping track of every penny that we have to market with and tracking the return on investment on each one of those pennies to make sure we are going in the right direction. It takes a lot of research and patience to find the proper channels, programs, free sites and help we need to accomplish our goals with spending little or no money. The most important part of taking this route is your mindset, your mindset!  Instead of thinking, how can I market myself or my business to make it look good so as to stand out from, my competition? Rather, it's thinking what can I produce of value that I can offer to others for little or nothing. For instance this blog. Take it, copy it. Put it on your website, rewrite it a bit if you like. Share it. I really don't mind. The cost to write it was really only $5.00 and that is only because I love my coffee. 

Some of the things you can do for little or nothing is blogging or vlogging as in a blog using video. You may think that it Is a lot of work with no pay and you may think that you are giving away you professional advice for free and will, therefore, lose work, in fact, it works a little bit differently than that. As you write, blog or vlog you are setting yourself apart as an expert, if you can give away nuggets of gold, you must be an expert. 

Here is the tricky part and why this blog is titled money and marketing, most of us have been taught that we need to spend money on advertising in order to set ourselves apart from our competition and when the money is rolling in and we have money to spend things are great! Yet, when the economy turns and it has nothing to do with us and how well we market, our monthly income will drop and our cash flow will quickly dry up. Then in no time at all, we end up behind the eight ball, with our bills piling up. 

Those of us who have chosen to market on a deliberate budget and set ourselves up as experts come out ahead. Why, you ask? Well, this blog once finished and posted on my website and other social media channels like, YouTube, Google, Tumblr, or where ever I chose to post the blog, it will remain, where as advertising will disappear as soon as the add has run its corse. 

When setting up yourself as an expert here are some sites that can be of use to you. where you can post professional advice blogs or vlogs and link them back to your website, Adobe stock where you can purchase some very good images that you can use in your blogging, YouTube where you can post your videos, where you can get help with getting different aspects of marketing and advertising, and where you can get help with website design and other stuff. 

Anyways, my coffee is empty and it's time to get on with my day. 

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