Quitting is so much easier than staying the course.

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Brad Camp

Quitting is so much easier than staying the course.

When starting your own business and especially when you have a big goal or you want to change the world, no one is going to take you seriously. For a start most of the people you know are not dreamers or visionaries. Most of the people you know are worried about today and the stresses of today along with today's bills and expenses. 

In starting your own business there is a lot of goal setting. You are the person who sets the goal and you are the person that achieves the goal. You are also the person who writes the goal on paper or sets it in your mind to accomplish or etches it in stone. 

In the past we used to write business plans in order to figure out what we we going to do and lay it out clearly enough to get financing. In the newer way of doing things we are now creating road maps instead of business plans. Here is the difference in creating a business plan along with a marketing plan we need to make a bunch of assumptions, such as how many people will walk through our doors when they open, how many people will purchase, how many will become loyal customers and how many will become active promoters of the company. In a road map none of this gets written down because we have chosen to be flexible and responsive to the changing environment and economy. We understand that the things of most value today may be of no value tomorrow. 

With a business plan if you do not achieve your goals and things outside of your control change around you your business plan may have to be rethought or changed maybe even scrapped entirely. If you are using a road map all you need to do is duck and change directions. Don't forget that your end goal remains in place. 

For instance my end goal is to create a paper free, three comma company, that eliminates large amounts of paper advertising. My mission is to get to that end goal. 

Quitting is not an option! To alter course when needed, tack when I must, regroup as needed, all are ok. Just not quitting. 

Never stop learning. Some business professionals can read a book a day. I'm not one of them. Almost five years in I've only read about 30 books, I've also spent many hours learning through YouTube. Now, that learning has started to become valuable. I can build my own website and keep it updated, know where to market and even have a published book on Amazon the book is just really a collection of my blogs that I write while enjoying a coffee on my own in my favourite coffee shop. 

I understand that their are going to be dark days where you can not see any light at the end of any tunnel, you will want to quit, and no one will shake a finger at you if you do quit. The reason that they won't shame you for quitting is because they won't know or understand you end goal or your reason for going after it. 

When you seta goal go after it with all that you have, wether it is reading a book a day, writing a blog, uploading a video, or getting a certain numbers of followers. Etch your goal in stone and go after it. Just remember to make it an achievable goal with a time limit and make it specific. For it is easier to quit and no one is going to blame you for quitting something when they have not even taken the first steps in getting started.