What is a million dollar handshake?

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Brad Camp
What is a million dollar handshake?

What is a million dollar handshake? 

To those of you who believe a handshake is just a handshake you are wrong!

A handshake can say many different things. It can elude to strength, weakness, confidence, arrogance, compassion,and more. A handshake can also seal a million dollar deal. 

What a handshake does not do is impose a first impression. 

A handshake will reinforce a first impression, and set a relationship status in place. 

A handshake can speak volumes. Don't believe me? Go to a very public place where you can shake a lot of hands. It could be a church, a conference or any large gathering where you can meet and greet. 

Now shake a bunch of hands, and take notice of how the handshakes feel. Are they strong and forceful or weak or whimsical? Does the handshake turn into a hug ? Notice the eyes of the person whose hand you are shaking. Do they look down to shake or do they look up and make good eye contact? 

Now assess the person. Does their handshake relate to who you believe them to be as a person? 

Now, what about you? What does your handshake say about you?

A handshake, your handshake actually says a lot about you. Your approach, your embrace, your angle. If you know and study to understand how and why a handshake is what it is you will be ahead of your opponent. 

I know, you say, but they are usually a friend and not an opponent. My response to that is that a handshake can also portray the friendship. 

There is more to some handshakes than most people know about. For instance to get "the upper hand " refers to a handshake. To have or get the upper hand makes you the dominant person, the boss of the situation.

So, how does having the upper hand relate at all to getting a million dollar handshake? 

There is another common saying that is of use to remember. It goes like this. " Your reputation precedes you " that is your reputation comes before you. Your reputation comes before your handshake and it comes before your first impression. 

So, a million dollar handshake is established very quickly. Especially when the handshake will only last around 2-3 seconds. Therefore the lead up to the million dollar handshake is of utmost importance. 

So, let's step back just one step. Let's step back to eye contact. 

Eye contact, good eye contact also says a lot about a person. A lot of people are very uncomfortable with making eye contact. They will instead look down at the handshake and holds the eyes down. Don't do this if you are wanting to complete a million dollar handshake. 

Have your eyes meet the eyes of our opponent, hold the eye contact as long as you can then briefly look down to make sure your hand shake connects with your opponent , establish the handshake, gain the upper hand if this is your goal and then return quickly to re-establish the good eye contact and do your best to keep good eye contact through out the conversation. 

In the conversation speak clearly and with confidence. Know what your objective is and how you want to achieve your end goal. 

Your meeting, your million dollar handshake. You are actually only about 10-15 seconds into the conversation and you are just getting warmed up. The problem is your opponent, they have already come to a conclusion. They have already assessed your physical appearance, your dress, your code of conduct, your confidence level, and gathered all of the info needed to make their decision. 

You have had years to prepare for this moment in time. Did you prepare properly?