Question's and Answers

Q: What is parusing?

A: Parusing or to Paruse is the act of browsing casually through listings on Istockhomes.


Q: What is D.I.Y.- F.S.B.O. 

A: D.I.Y.- F.S.B.O. stands for  "do it yourself- for sale by owner" 


Q: Can you explain the benefits of using Istockhomes to market? 

A: Yes. Please check this page out Benefits Explained


Q: My place is listed. What should I do next? 

A: Follow these few simple steps 


Q: Why do you need my email address and will you sell it?

A: check here for the answer


Q: Does Istockhomes endorse or allow shadow flipping or insider trading ?

A: No. We at Istockhomes do not endorse, encourage, or tolerate shadow flipping.


Q: Does Istockhomes have any programs where a user can receive pre-sale notifications prior to a listing becoming public for everyone to view?

A: No. Istockhomes does not give any preferential treatments to any individual or group of people.


Q: Is there a time delay prior to a listing going public.

A: No. Once a user has been approved as a legitimate user of Istockhomes Marketing Ltd. their listings will become viewable to the general public as soon as the user placing the listing chooses to publish the listing. ** Note: for someone who is listing for the first time there is a delay because the listing will be viewed by an administrator.


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