For sale by representative

Are you a professional marketer?

  • Sick of the high cost of advertising?
  • Want to fire your website designer ?
  • Want to keep a larger percentage of the commissions that you worked so hard for?
  • Want to promote yourself and your business ?
  • Want to work from home and answer to no one except your customer?
  • Want to build your own business that you can sell for a profit! 

Here is what we offer to professional marketers:

  • A website that is easy to use mobile ready and mobile friendly.
  • A fixed price to add a listing ( FREE ) that you can edit at will 24/7.
  • An easy way to add, edit or delete your listings.
  • A profile on our site.  
  • A place where you can blog or vlog about your expertise and give your complimentary advice.
  • A place where you can insert your own header graphic.
  • You can also add your own email, contact number and link to your website.
  • What we expect and demand - Honesty. Integrity. Respect.
  • A place to show yourself as a true professional and have customers flock to you for help when they are stuck.