What to expect

So you’ve listed on Istockhomes and now you need to know what to expect?

One of the first things you need to know is that there are people “professionals” who search out fsbo’s in order to get contact information so they can call and use high pressure sales tactics in order to get your listing and just a couple of percent of the price of your home.

Don’t be fooled even one percent of your home can be a lot of money.

At Istockhomes we have made your contact number optional. You don’t have to put in a phone number at all. As for email, your email address it will not show up either. This way you can avoid any and all high pressure sales pitches and only focus on actual buyers.

Buyers are the people that you are looking for. If you do receive phone calls inquiring about your listing on Istockhomes or other sites that you have listed your place on simply be up front with the caller and ask them if they are wanting to buy or if they are wanting to help you sell, buy listing through them.

Be clear and tell them that you are the seller and that the place is already listed and all you are looking for is a buyer. If they want to buy your house great! If all they are looking for is another listing then.. No thank-you.

It’s not uncommon to have someone calling to tell you that the only way you will get a buyer is to have a professional list for you because they have superior marketing skills and they will get you a sale. Remember they called you and they had to get your number from somewhere which means your marketing is working just fine.

If you make sure your listing looks as good as it can by filling out your listing properly and including some nice pictures of a clean place then advertising it in as many places as you can find you should be able to find a buyer.

Once you find a buyer the paperwork that you will need to complete the sale is also available on our Istockhomes website just fill it out and take it to your lawyer and they will complete the sale. The document is "The terms for Contract of Purchase and Sale of Real Estate"