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Marketing.Have you ever asked yourself what marketing is?We...


Have you ever asked yourself what marketing is?

We have.

Marketing vs Sales vs Reputation Building.

Our focus is building business’ and educating people on buying and selling real estate.

Let’s look at marketing as you or your business getting a larger share of your niche market in your target location.

Do you want to dominate your market, without being some obnoxiously annoying squeaky wheel?

How to write a good property description so that your listing...

How to write a good property description so that your listing can be found.

My, oh my. This blog calls for a coffee. Time to think this through and gather my thoughts.

In this blog I’m going to have to include the page title, description and while I’m at it touch a little bit on meta tags.

This blog also needs to address people and how potential buyers will see your listing, yet to get in front of people search engines will have to be addressed.

How to measure the square foot of a houseThis is a tape...

How to measure the square foot of a house

This is a tape measure.

This one shows the measure in both imperial ( Inches and feet ) and metric ( centimeters and meters )

A meter is 100 centimeters

This is one foot as measured by the tape measure and

This is one foot squared or one square foot  

Here we have a rough sketch of a floor plan drawn on ¼" x ¼" graph paper. in this drawing each square represents one square foot.

F.S.B.O. SpottingThis is a new program just being released by...

F.S.B.O. Spotting

This is a new program just being released by Istockhomes marketing Ltd.

FSBO spotting is “For sale by owner spotting” and FSBB Spotting is “For sale by builder spotting ”

It’s fairly well known that for one reason or another 20% of homes for sale start as “For sale by owner” and yet there is no real support for them.

Real Estate & TheftThink you are safe and that you will not...

Real Estate & Theft

Think you are safe and that you will not get robbed?

It would be nice to think that we live in a world filled with honest trustworthy people but this is not always the way it is.

Having a sign on your front lawn tells everyone who is passing by that a house is for sale but it says that and more.